The JULIE, Inc. Board of Directors approved a new method for invoicing members that took effect January 2011.

Invoicing Time Frame
The Board has replaced the pay-as-you-go system with a simplified assessment that eliminates year-to-year fluctuations and allows JULIE members to budget for the upcoming year’s fees.

Each September, JULIE coordinators receive their Member Annual Contribution Assessment Notification showing the number of tickets their company received from July 1 through June 30 and their exact cost for the upcoming year. This notification is for budget planning purposes only.  Therefore, the coordinator is solely responsible for delivering this information to their organizations internal personnel responsible for budget and accounts payable functions.  The coordinator is responsible for informing the accounts payable personnel not to pay from this notification as JULIE will send an invoice the following January.

In January, each member company’s billing department will receive an Annual Assessment Invoice.  Member may choose one of three methods of payment:

None of the payment methods will increase or decrease the amount paid and there is no need to contact us regarding your payment preference.  We will be able to determine which method you have chosen based on the February 20th payment amount you submit.

Questions should be directed to Karen Tunney at 815-741-5684 or Kelly Uthe at 815-741-5938.


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