When a person engaged in excavation or demolition makes a locate request, all owners and operators of underground utilities must either mark their underground lines or notify the person making the locate request that they have no underground lines affected by the dig site.

However, the person making the request can waive this requirement for underground line owners that will not be impacted by the dig. When an excavator submits a locate request, they must indicate if they would like to waive their right to by notified by the relevant JULIE member companies.

If the excavator replies “Yes” this excuses only the JULIE member companies who have no underground lines in the immediate area from notifying the excavator of this fact.

If the excavator replies “No” this means that each JULIE member company is obligated to:

  • Notify the excavator that they do not have any underground lines in the proposed excavation area; or
  • Mark the approximate location of their underground lines within two working days.
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