Extreme Locate Request Demand Management Process

The following steps define the process by which an area experiencing an unexpected and historically extraordinary increase in locate activity, such that on-time locates are compromised, can be reported by a JULIE member and confirmed by JULIE staff, after which excavators working in that area can be informed and asked/encouraged to provide additional lead time.

JULIE Member Observes and Reports High Demand Area – When unexpected, historically high locate request activity is noticed by a JULIE member (or its’ contract locator) in an area that impacts the member’s locating staff’s ability to meet work-date expectations, that member can report the area to JULIE to initiate management activities. The threshold for reporting a geographic area as a high demand area must be a 25% increase over the immediate past 7 days compared to the same seven day period in the prior year.  A JULIE member coordinator/alternate coordinator or JULIE Board member, can report the area by calling the JULIE Call Center Chief Operator, available 24 hours a day at 815-741-5002. When reporting a high demand area, members will be asked to provide their name, company name, contact number and the high demand area.

High Demand Area Validation – Upon receiving a request to designate an area as a high demand area, the Chief Operator will provide the request to Computer Operations Director Greg Fisch, so that the area and request can be validated. A comparison will be made between current activity in the requested area and the previous year. For comparison purposes, a seven-day lookback from the date of the request will be used to measure activity relative to the same period as the previous year. When the comparison shows that the area meets the definition of a high demand area, the request shall be considered validated.

Update Current High Demand Area List – Once a new high demand area has been validated, the city or township will be added to the current week’s high demand area list. Call Center management will coordinate updating the current list that will be available to JULIE Operators. The Computer Operations department will alert Remote Ticket Entry users when a new high demand area is validated.

Weekly High Demand Area List Refresh Frequency – Each Saturday night at midnight, the current high demand area list will expire.  A new, current list will be created starting each Sunday at 12:01 AM. All high demand areas reported starting on Sunday will remain on the high demand area list until the following Saturday night expiration time.

Information Shared with Excavators – Excavators calling into the JULIE Call Center and RTE users asking for locate requests in an area that is on the current high demand area list will be informed of the situation. They will be told that they are asking for locates in an area that is experiencing historically high locate request activity and that it has put a strain on utility locating resources. They will be informed of the potential that locating staffs may have difficulty marking the excavation site within 48 hours/2 working days. Excavators will be encouraged, if they are able, to delay their excavation project or provide a work date and time that is more than the 48 hour minimum requirement.  However, in no circumstance will we refuse a locate request from any excavator.