Remote Ticket Entry

Remote Ticket Entry (RTE) is a free, self-service program that JULIE offers to excavators working in Illinois who want to enter and submit their own locate requests. RTE is a web-based application that can be used with any Internet browser. A 60 minute online training is required at no cost.

Benefits of Using Remote Ticket Entry (RTE)

  1. RTE provides an alternative to calling JULIE, waiting for an operator and having to verbalize your request.
  2. RTE is fast, convenient and easy to use. Locate requests can be entered and submitted any time by users from their work, home or mobile office without delay.
  3. Users enter their own information into the locate request entry form and have access to the same maps and drop-down entry tools as JULIE call center agents while processing requests.
  4. There is no charge to use RTE and the convenient online training is also free.
  5. RTE users are provided a Dig Number immediately after the locate request is submitted along with a list of member utility companies that will be notified.
  6. RTE users can submit NEW requests and EXTEND requests for ongoing projects.
  7. RTE users can print a copy of their locate request for their records or to send to the job site.
  8. RTE users can access locate requests previously submitted or called in by themselves or by other callers from their company.
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