Virtual Toolbox Talks

We are presenting a new series of training webinars about various topics hosted by Dave Van Wy, JULIE’s Damage Prevention Manager for Northern Illinois. All presentations will begin at 8:30 am and last approximately 30 minutes. There will be an opportunity for questions toward the end of each webinar.

To register for one or more of these no cost educational webinars, please complete the information at the end of this page. The contact information is needed to send the Zoom registration confirmation and instructions to join the meeting.

June 4 Impact of the Current Health Crisis on the Construction Industry in Illinois.
Michael Wiedmaier, Executive Director of the Underground Contractors Association of Illinois, will discuss the impact of the current health crisis on the construction industry in Illinois.  As the stay-at-home order reduces revenues at the state and local levels, capital budgets will be impacted now and in the future. Trends as to how we work and shop may cause a change in office, commercial, industrial, and retail property needs. How might it change public transportation and where we live? Will the Federal Government include any funding in future CARES Act packages and can they come together on a long term infrastructure bill? Join us to learn more.  
WATCH – When Damage Occurs    
WATCH – JULIE’S Digital Tools.    
WATCH – Locating During the Pandemic Crisis with Special Guest Gerald Johnson, Operations Manager, Illinois, USIC.    
WATCH – Benefits of Pre-marking with Special Guest Greg Preisch, Director of Utility Construction, Electric Conduit Construction.    
WATCH – Understanding Ticket Life and Your Dig Number.    
WATCH – What impact has the Pandemic Crisis had on JULIE, the State-Wide One-Call Notice System in Illinois with Special Guest Mark Frost, Executive Director, JULIE, Inc.    
WATCH – Working safely around pipelines with Special Guest Aaron Hoerchler, Operations Supervisor with Kinder Morgan.    
WATCH – Enforcement of the One-Call Law with a Special Guest, Carl Parks from the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), One-Call Enforcement Division.