Watch and Report Program

The Watch and Report Program is meant to increase identification and deterrence of unlawful professional excavation activities through use of JULIE members’ staffs. An unlawful act happens when a professional excavator fails to call JULIE, Inc. before beginning an excavation project, which may cause unnecessary bodily harm to a person(s) and/or damage to underground facilities.

The following is an outline of the suggested “Watch and Report” model incentive plan that can be used for an employee of any JULIE member:

Watch and Report Program Process:

  1. Identify Safety Hazard – Identify a professional excavator (not homeowners) who is
    digging without proper utility flags or markings.
  2. Report – Contact your JULIE Member Coordinator and report your findings, i.e.,
    excavation location site and excavating company name. Do NOT confront the
    excavator on your own
  3. “Stop Work” Action – Your JULIE Member Coordinator will contact your utility’s
    damage prevention field staff or local law enforcement, who will then confront the
    excavator to stop their work until they obtain a locate request.
  4. Positive Result – The action taken by the utility damage prevention department or local
    Law Enforcement compels the excavator to call JULIE for the excavation project
    identified and reported and/or future projects.
  5. Incentive Reward Eligibility – For each “no call, no locate” excavation project that you
    successfully report which results in changed behavior by the professional excavator,
    you will receive one of the following incentive rewards: Instant Lottery ticket, gift card, cash reward or time off.