You Could Be Digging Up More Than Just Dirt

Expert Tips

Even the most basic digging project requires a call to JULIE. From planting a tree to installing a fence, you should know what is below before you dig. It is equally important that you premark your project with white paint and flags before notifying JULIE. Remember, utility lines could be buried just beneath the surface of your dig site. Hitting a utility line could disrupt service, cause serious harm to you or result in costly repairs and fines. Before any dig, call JULIE at 811 or 1-800-892-0123 to have your lines located for free by our members. You can also enter a “locate request” now via E-Request.  Call center agents are available 24/7 to process requests. Once you have contacted JULIE, a professional locator from our member utility companies will visit your site within two business days to mark the approximate location of the utility lines on your property.  JULIE personnel do not perform locating and marking services or visit dig sites. Upon visiting the site, locations of underground lines will be marked with paint and/or flags. You will know what’s below by the color of the flags and/or paint.

Your digging project must begin within 14 days of your notification to JULIE. Never make assumptions as to where your utility lines might be located. Having your lines located and marked is easy, free and a critical step in beginning any digging project. If you choose to begin your project over the weekend, remember to notify JULIE by Wednesday at 4 p.m. For additional information please reference our Homeowners Guide