Damage Prevention Manangers can offer suggestions and mediate discussions to help you avoid potential injuries and costly delays. If it has been a while since your crews and other employees have had a safety presentation, toolbox talk or construction site meeting, consider scheduling one prior to an upcoming job to assist with planning and conducting your work.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the best practices in the industry.

JULIE Damage Prevention Managers/Coverage Map

Damage Prevention Managers are available to provide assistance to stakeholders throughout the state.

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David Van Wy

Northern Illinois Damage Prevention Manager

David started in the Damage Prevention industry in 1993 as a facility locator contracted by numerous major utility companies. He provided training to other locate technicians and managers in seven states. David serves as co-chair of the Safety/Risk Management/Utility Committee for the Underground Contractors Association of Illinois and participates in the Greater Chicagoland Damage Prevention Council.

Cell 815-351-5002

Brian MacKenzie

Central Illinois Damage Prevention Manager

Brian has been in the Underground Damage Prevention industry since 1998. He started in the industry locating and marking underground infrastructure for numerous facility owners throughout Illinois.

Cell 217-725-2433

Roger Watwood

Southern Illinois Damage Prevention Manager

Prior to joining JULIE, Roger worked for 15 years at the City of Marshall utility department which operates electric, gas, sewer, street, water, and communication facilities. He also spent several years working in the general construction and engineering industry. Roger holds an IEPA Class C Water operator certificate and an IEPA Class 3 Wastewater operator certificate.

Cell 217-299-5977

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Lucy Martinez

Northern Illinois Damage Prevention Manager/Bilingual Trainer

Introducing Lucy Martinez, our fourth damage prevention manager.
Cell 815-985-3119

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