There are several easy and convenient ways you can submit a locate request—all at no cost.


  • E-Request is JULIE’s online form for simple, single address, non-emergency utility locate requests. Do not enter complicated excavation projects, emergency requests, joint meets or design requests—these types of submissions will not be processed.
  • To be processed, an E-Request must include a valid email address where a confirmation notice that includes the JULIE dig number or reference number, the completed request and the list of JULIE member companies that will be notified will be sent.
  • Submitted E-Requests will be processed by JULIE as quickly as possible, typically within an hour and always before the start of the next business day provided the information is accurate and complete.
  • The date and time users can legally begin to excavate will be minimally two (2) business days but no later than 14 calendar days from the time that JULIE processes the request. The legal dig start date and time will be included in your confirmation email. Beginning to dig prior to the dig start date and time on the request may subject the excavator to liability for damages to underground utility facilities and penalties from the ICC Notification Center Enforcement.
  • The area to be located must be accessible to member utility locators (i.e. no locked gates or dangerous animals) between the time that confirmation emails are received and the dig start date and time on the ticket. It is the responsibility of each member utility owner to mark the location of their underground utility facility at the dig site. JULIE neither owns nor marks any underground lines.
  • Always confirm that all JULIE members notified have responded to your request. If any JULIE member(s) failed to respond by the dig start date and time shown on the request, dial 811 and be prepared with your ticket number and which JULIE member(s) failed to respond. JULIE will notify those members, and they should respond within two (2) hours.

Remote Ticket Entry (RTE)

Remote Ticket Entry (RTE) is a self-service program that JULIE offers to professional excavators working in Illinois who want to enter and submit their own locate requests and need a more robust and detailed tool than the basic E-Request option. RTE is a web-based service that can be used with any Internet browser. A free 60-minute online training is required before using RTE.

Benefits of Using RTE

  • There is no charge to use RTE and online training is free.
  • RTE is fast. As an alternative to calling JULIE, waiting for an operator and having to verbalize your request, locate requests can be entered and submitted any time by users from their work, home or field office without delay.
  • Users enter their own information into the locate request entry form and have access to the same maps and drop-down entry tools as JULIE agents. RTE users are provided a Dig Number immediately after the locate request is submitted along with a list of member utility companies that will be notified. RTE users can print or save a digital copy of their locate request for their records or to send to the job site.
  • RTE users can submit NEW requests and EXTEND requests for ongoing projects.
  • RTE users can access locate requests submitted within the last 150 days or called in by themselves or by other callers from their company.
  • Since you are entering your own information, RTE allows you to better handle workplace interruption during the process.

Remark-Extend-View (REV)

Remark-Extend-View (REV) is an online program that may be used to perform three primary functions provided that the information appearing on the locate request does not need to be modified:

  • Refresh marks
  • Extend the expiration date
  • View the ticket

The JULIE dig number and the telephone number used when the original ticket was processed must be provided to access these functions. A first and last name must also be provided and will be included on the subsequent Refresh Marks request or Extend ticket.

Call 811

  • 811 is the nationwide 3-digit number to have your underground utility facilities marked.
  • In Illinois, outside of the City of Chicago, you also can call 1 (800) 892-0123. Within the city limits of Chicago, call (312) 744-7000.
  • Call at least two (2) business days before you plan to dig and a helpful agent will assist you with your locate request.
  • JULIE agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Both the call and the marking of the underground utility facilities are free.
  • 811 Chicago – City of Chicago:
    JULIE covers the state of Illinois, outside the city limits of Chicago. If you plan to excavate within the City of Chicago, you can reach 811 Chicago by calling (312) 744-7000.

Ticket Lookup

When you know your dig number but do not have a copy of the ticket readily available, Ticket Lookup provides a quick view of basic information such as county, place, address or location, cross street, extent, dig start date and time, expiration date, and the JULIE member companies notified as well as a map view of the area.

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