Communication Support Materials

The staff at JULIE can help you communicate the importance of safe digging. logos, scripts, and Public Relations materials.

Radio Scripts

Don’t Be That Neighbor PSA Script (:15)
After the Storm (:60 Radio)
After the Storm (:30 Radio)
After the Storm (:15 Radio)

Radio Public Service Announcements

April Safe Digging Month PSA Script (:15 and :30)
Animation (:30 Radio)
Animation – Spanish Version (:30 Radio)
Protect Yourself and Your Family (:15 Radio)


JULIE Inc. Logos
811 Logos

Social Media Posts

811 DAY POSTDownload Image
Protect yourself and your family by contacting JULIE at 8-1-1 before you dig.  It is a free and easy call and service which can avoid costly damages to buried utilities, interruption in service and potential injury to you.  #JULIEbeforeyoudig #Call811 #811Day
811 DAY POST – Download Image
Happy 811 Day!   It is a natural reminder to contact @JULIE1call at least 2 business days in advance of any digging project.  Simply call 8-1-1 or go to  Protect yourself and your family. #JULIEbeforeyoudig #Call811 #811Day
811 DAY POST – Download Image
Planting? Adding? Fixing? Building?  If you are finally getting around to that outdoor digging project you have been planning, contact @JULIE1call before putting a shovel in the ground. #Call811 . . . It’s FREE.  #JULIEbeforeyoudig #811Day
811 DAY POST – Download Image
Did you know that every few minutes an underground utility line is damaged because someone decided to dig without contact @JULIE1call at 8-1-1?  Today is 811 Day (Aug. 11) and a great reminder to always call before any outdoor project to prevent damage to underground utilities. #JULIEbeforeyoudig #Call811 #811Day
811 Day Infographic – Download Image
811 Day Infographic – Download Image
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