Proposed Legislative Changes—What Do They Mean For You?

The JULIE Board of Directors approved a bill proposal to amend the Illinois Underground Utility Facilities Damage Prevention Act in 2024. These substantial revisions include amendatory language to enhance public safety, minimize risks to excavators and prevent disruption of vital public services. 


Click here for information about HB2263.

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How Will These Revisions Impact You And Your Employees?

JULIE Request Advance Notice

Advance Notice

Language would be refined to 2 days, NOT including the day of the call, but no more than 10 days, NOT including the day of the call.

JULIE Positive Response

Positive Response

The use of a positive response system, offered through JULIE, would be required by excavators and utility owners by no later than January 1, 2026.

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Extended Ticket Life

The validity period of a locate request, known as “ticket life,” would be extended to 25 days from the current 20 days.

High Demand Areas

High Demand Areas

Up to 2 additional days advance notice would be granted to utilities to complete a locate request when call volume in a particular geography exceeds the reasonable control measurement.

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All locate requests would require pre-marking, by physically marking the proposed excavation or route or with verbal pre-marking accepted when the description provided is explicit enough to limit markings to the actual excavation area.

These are a few of the key areas that are addressed in the proposed legislation. The proposal contains other substantial changes to the existing law. We encourage you to read through the support documents for additional details.

Your Feedback Is Essential

Our goal is to promote a bill in Springfield that has the support and acceptance of an overwhelming majority of stakeholders. Here’s your opportunity to express your thoughts. Fill out the form below and your comments will be delivered to the JULIE team.

Have Questions?

Please feel free to contact the Damage Prevention Manager in your area.

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Thank you for your continued diligence in working to prevent underground utility damages in Illinois.

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