Damage Occurs

If Damage Occurs

Even the most cautious excavator or homeowner can occasionally cause damage to a buried line. If a utility line is damaged or dislocated, state law requires that the person responsible for the excavation or demolition immediately notify the affected utility and then contact JULIE at 811 or 800-892-0123.

Notify JULIE Call Center Agent

Please be prepared to give the following information to the JULIE call center agent:

  • JULIE Dig Number
  • Type of underground line damaged (pipe, cable, etc.)
  • Affected utility, if known
  • The location of the damaged underground line at the excavation site

JULIE’s call center agents may be able to assist with contact numbers for notifying utility owners.

In the event of a potentially dangerous situation, including the escape of any flammable, toxic or corrosive gas or liquid, state law requires the person doing the excavation to do the following:

  • Immediately stop digging and evacuate the area
  • Call 911 and notify the authorities
  • Contact the owners of the underground lines

DO NOT attempt to repair, clamp or constrict the damaged utility unless under the supervision of the utility owner.

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