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JULIE Large Project Process/LPRJ Notification

JULIE created a Task Force to develop a method to increase communication among members when there is a large project that may result in increased workload for members’ utility locators.  The team was tasked with creating a definition for large projects and creating a process for early notification and ongoing communication so all members can better forecast for needed resources and be informed about the extent of work planned within realistic timeframes.

The Large Project Task Force has created a plan that was piloted during a fiber build out in west central Illinois last year.  The process is being implemented as a pilot program for all JULIE utility members in 2022 with the introduction of the LPRJ notification.

What is a Large Project?

Working Definition: A Large Project is a single excavation occurring over a long period or consisting of a large/complex area.  It may also be a series of repetitive, related-scope, short-term excavations.  Large projects have a significant impact on existing underground utility facility owners.

To learn more about conditions/specific criteria and examples for Large Project, click here.

What is a Large Project (LPRJ) Notification?

LPRJ notifications are for informational purposes only.  The notification comes from project owners (or their agent) to inform existing underground utility facility owners and operators about proposed large excavation projects in the area.  LPRJs will contain geographic mapping, place information for the project, approximate planned start time/project duration, project details and contacts.

LPRJ notifications have LPRJ in the header of the messages delivered to our members.  They do not require any response from your company locator or staff.  The LPRJ is for notification purposes only.

How does it work?

The Large Project Process includes several steps starting with the LPRJ notification at least 90 days prior to when excavation is planned to begin.

Other steps include Planning/Design Stage Tickets/Joint Meet Tickets and Project Completion.  Click here for details about the Large Project Process.

How do I submit an LPRJ during the 2022 pilot phase?

  1. Facility owners and/or designer/planners should initiate the notification by submitting  this LPRJ Project Form.
  2. A JULIE Damage Prevention Manager will contact you to finalize.
  3. Have available any project maps or schematics that can be provided to the DPMs, if requested.

How do I learn more?

  1. Watch this recorded webinar entitled, “LPRJ Overview.”
  2. Register and attend a Live Virtual Toolbox Talk on LPRJs/Large Project Process on Wednesday, March 23 at 9 a.m. There is no cost to register for this Toolbox Talk. 
  3. Contact a JULIE Damage Prevention Manager.  
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