Spread the Word

JULIE members can help to spread the word about damage prevention.  Listed below are potential uses for JULIE free materials and additional opportunities to effectively reach community residents and professional contractors.

Opportunities To Reach Your Community

  • Add JULIE “Call Before You Dig” information to the home page of your Web site.
  • Provide a link to the JULIE Web site www.illinois1call.com from your Web site.
  • Social Media – Like Us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at “JULIE1call.” Repost and retweet our messages to your social media lists. Post safe digging message to your followers, such as:
    • April is Safe Digging Month in Illinois. Recognize the importance of calling JULIE at 811before digging. #JULIE1call.
    • Don’t make a judgement call. Make a phone call to 811 before you dig. #JULIE1call.
    • Know What’s Below. Call JULIE at 811 before you dig. #JULIE1call.
  • Promote that there are three ways to reach JULIE:  Simply call 811, 800-892-0123 or E-Request at www.illinois1call.com.
  • Include a JULIE, Inc. television commercial in the rotation as a Public Service Announcement for your customers and/or residents.  Click here for our video library or call the Public Relations Department at 815-741-5936 and request a copy of the commercial.
  • Develop copy for Public Service Announcements that can be included in your spring and fall radio, television or billboard campaign. Click here for scripts and produced radio spots.
  • Distribute safety materials at public safety forums, community events or open houses. Place order.
  • Put “Safe Digging Partner” stickers on your company vehicles. Place order.
  • Develop a “Call JULIE Before You Dig” campaign targeting internal and external audiences.
  • Submit news releases or safety articles to “Call JULIE Before You Dig” to the editor of municipal/community newsletters, local newspapers or similar types of publications.
  • Distribute information about your public safety campaign to local and state officials.
  • Provide landscape companies, nurseries, home improvement and rental stores with information about the safety campaign.
  • Participate in JULIE’s Direct Mail Campaign by placing informational inserts in your billing statements.  Place order.  Contact Barb Owen to place an order at 815-741-5936.
  • Add a line “Call JULIE Before You Dig” to monthly bill statements or newsletter articles.
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