Ticket Rates

The JULIE, Inc. Board of Directors approved a new method for invoicing members that took effect January 2011.  This billing method, successfully used by several other one-call industry centers, is briefly described as follows:

In September, JULIE coordinators receive their Member Annual Contribution Assessment Notification showing the number of tickets their company received from July 1 through June 30 and their exact cost for the upcoming year. This notification is for budget planning purposes only, but it is very important that the coordinator forward this information to the proper internal parties that will ultimately be responsible for payment.

In January, each member company’s billing department will receive an Annual Assessment Invoice.  Members may choose one of three methods of payment:

  1. One installment, due February 20th;
  2. Two equal installments due February 20th and August 20th;
  3. Four equal installments due February 20th, April 20th, August 20th and November 20th.

None of the payment methods will increase or decrease the amount paid and there is no need to contact us regarding your payment preference.  We will be able to determine which method you have chosen based on the Feb. 20, 2017 submitted payment amount. Questions should be directed to Karen Tunney at 815-741-5684 (ktunney@julie1call.com) or Kelly Uthe at 815-741-5938 (uthe@julie1call.com).

Access to Reports
Did you know that you have access to our Newtin Billing Reconciliation Query?  JULIE Member Coordinators have access to several reports on the Newtin Member webpage. This page can be accessed at http://newtina.julie1call.com/. Access to this page requires a password. At the Newtin login page, member coordinators can enter their user name (typically their company member code) and unique password. Member coordinators can request or confirm a user account from JULIE’s Computer Operations Department at 815-741-5011.

Once logged in, member coordinators can select the Billing Reconciliation link to generate their report. Prior to viewing results, members will enter their JULIE member code and select the reporting period. Click on the circle in front of ‘Assessment Year’ and select ‘July 2015 – June 2016’ from the drop down box to generate a report for this period. 

Frequently Asked Questions