Member Support

Each JULIE member company designates a person to be the JULIE coordinator who will serve as the main contact between their organization and JULIE, Inc.

The coordinator’s primary responsibilities are:

  • Discuss and cooperate in the solution of issues and problems
  • Distribute all relevant JULIE information to the alternate coordinator and other key personnel within the company
  • Notify JULIE of changes to the contact information for the coordinator or any alternate coordinators
  • Download a copy of the Member Coordinator Handbook for additional information.

The coordinator or any designated alternate coordinators are the only people authorized to request changes to the JULIE databases for a member company.  Click here to download a copy of the Member Coordinator Handbook.

NOTE TO MUNICIPAL COORDINATORS: Whenever new subdivisions are added to your municipality, maps of the new area should be forwarded to the JULIE Data Department. This new information will be added to your street database.

All coordinator contact changes, including new contacts, as well as new municipal maps should be sent to: JULIE, Inc.; 3275 Executive Drive; Joliet, IL  60431; Attn: Computer Operations Department.