What To Expect After You Submit A Request

Thank you for contacting JULIE before you dig and doing your part to protect yourself, your family and underground utilities. The following outlines what to expect next.

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What’s Next?

Now that you’ve submitted a request to have underground utility lines on your property marked, what happens next?

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1: Look For Your Confirmation Email

If you provided an email address, you should receive a message confirming all the details of your planned dig soon. This information has been sent to member utility companies, who have two business days—not including weekends and holidays—to mark where their underground utility lines are located.

Member utility companies do not locate or mark private lines. If you have privately installed lines on your property, it’s your responsibility to have them located and marked.

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2: Wait For Your Start Date

You will be given a dig start date and time from JULIE. Member utility companies have until that time to respond to your locate request. You will also receive a Dig Number that identifies specific information about your locate request. State law requires you begin your digging project within 14 days of the issuance of that Dig Number, shown as “Dig By” on your request.

Dig Safely

3: Dig Safely

Excavation should be carefully performed only after verifying that all member utility companies have marked the location of their underground lines or notified you that they have no buried lines in the area. If any of the member utilities listed on the bottom of your locate request confirmation have not responded (please check you spam folder if you provided an email address) or if it is clear that an underground utility line has not been marked, contact JULIE at 811 or 800-892-0123. Agents are available 24/7/365.

JULIE’s online tool Remark-Extend-View

4: Can’t See The Markings?

If at any time during excavation markings are no longer visible—due to weather, construction activity or other circumstances—you must have them refreshed. It’s easy and free to do using JULIE’s online tool Remark-Extend-View (REV).

JULIE Request Extension

5: Need An Extension?

JULIE locate requests are valid for 28 calendar days including the day they were submitted, shown on your request as “Expires.” If your project will not be completed within this timeframe, you can request an extension…either online with REV or by calling 811 or 800-892-0123. Like your initial locate request, member utility companies will have two business days to re-mark their underground lines. Extended tickets will receive a new 28-day ticket life that starts on the date the extension request was made.

Next time you’re thinking about planting, building, adding, or fixing anything outside…remember to contact JULIE before you dig. Every Project. Every Time.

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