Marking Lines

Clear? Marked? No Show!

The Illinois Underground Utility Facilities Damage Prevention Act requires JULIE member companies in receipt of a Dig Notice either mark their underground utility facilities in the area of excavation or notify you, the excavator, that the area is “clear,” meaning they have no underground utility facilities in conflict with the proposed excavation.

Marking Lines

Facility owners may communicate the clear message to you via phone call or voice mail, email, fax, text, or by marking your site clear with an OK or NO. They’re also obligated to ensure their company name is visibly displayed in the email or by the paint and/or flags on site.

You are required by law to contact JULIE and submit a No Show request if a member has failed to mark or clear your dig site or communicate their non-involvement with the excavation. Be very specific about which companies—by name—have not responded by the dig start date and time listed on your initial Dig Notice. Too frequently, “all companies” are indicated on a No Show request resulting in locating staff who had previously responded correctly being called back. This puts a burden on finite resources and can cause other locate requests to be late.

Remember, communication is key to the success of all parties involved. Need additional assistance, contact one of JULIE’s Damage Prevention Managers.


  • Help facility owner locators be more efficient.
  • Communicate clear and precise locate instructions by pre-marking your dig area physically or verbally.
  • Be as accurate as possible when requesting a No Show.

Facility Owners

  • Allow excavators to better identify companies that may have failed to respond in a timely manner.
  • Communicate clearly, by name, that you have no conflict with the dig area requested.
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