E-Request Helpful Tips

E-request is a simple alternative to calling in your locate request. Benefits include receiving an email copy of your ticket to keep as proof of your contact with JULIE. Your ticket will also contain all member utility companies notified for your digging project.

When completing the E-request form, consider the following guidelines to assist with the timely processing of your request.

Contact Information

Company Field – If a homeowner you can leave this field blank. All professional excavators should enter their company name.

Excavation Information

City or unincorporated Township Area – Please be sure to enter the correct city of township in which you are excavating. This may be different than the mailing address of the property. This entry will determine which member utility companies will be notified. Incorrect information may result in non-notification of a utility possibly causing damage or injury at your digsite.

Address Field – Enter just a single numerical value.

Street Field – All entries in this field should follow these simple rules: 1) use no punctuation; 2) include a suffix (ST, AVE, RD, LN); use a pre-directional on streets when appropriate (N, S, E, W); 4) use abbreviations on suffixes or pre-directions. See list below:

ST – street
PL – place
N – north
AVE – avenue
RD – road
S – south
DR – drive
CT – court
E – east
LN – lane
CIR – circle
W – west

Nearest Intersection Cross-street – Enter a single street that intersects the address street nearest to the digsite, regardless of size. Cross-street entries should follow the same guidelines as Street Field entries. Enter just a single street name, not two names that make up an intersection.

Spelling – Proper spelling is important for all E-request fields. Please carefully review your entries during the Confirmation section of the entry process.

Complicated Projects – E-request was originally designed for simple, single site projects. Given the limited nature of the E-request form, complicated locate request entries are not recommended. It is suggested that these projects be called into JULIE by dialing 811. Call center agents are available 24/7.

Both E-request and the call to JULIE are free services.

JULIE e-request

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