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How To Submit A Remark Request Online

Need facility markings on your job site refreshed due to construction, weather or other factors? Remark/Extend/View (REV) makes it easy. This free program—provided to all Illinois excavators—allows you to request underground utility line locators come out and remark your dig site so you and your crew can dig safely.

Remark/Extend/View (REV)

Getting started.

All you need is the JULIE dig number on your existing locate request, the phone number listed on the ticket, and your name. REV will retrieve your ticket information and display the eligibility of the ticket to remark, extend or view.

Submit A Remark Request OnlineRequesting a dig site remark.

This function may be used when facility markings have become indistinguishable. Select which utility companies you need to freshen up their marks. If you’re working on a large dig site and you only need a small portion refreshed, note that as well.

Waiting it out.

Once you hit the submit button, facility owners or operators are notified immediately and have two business days to respond to your remark request. Never start digging before underground utility lines have been refreshed and markings are clearly visible.

Click here to give REV a try on your next remark request.

Safe Digging Tip: Always contact JULIE before you dig to have utility lines on your job site located for free by our members. Valuable utility lines may be buried just beneath the surface and hitting one could disrupt critical services, cause serious harm to you or your crew, and result in costly repairs and fines.


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