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Flag Messaging Toolkit

Preventing underground utility line damage starts with education. That’s why JULIE has created new artwork for location marking flags and is making it available to all members. The QR Code and DigSafeIllinois.com URL link to an informational landing page that explains what the colored flags and/or markings mean and the importance of safe digging. Either option is easy to implement as part of your existing location marking routine.

Option 1: Silver flags with an individual message

Silver flags
You can work with your current flag supplier on this new design. Simply supply your representative with this handy style guide and each art element and ask them to print on a silver flag. Stake one or two flags at each service call.

Download Style Guide

Download QR Code
EPS file PNG file

Option 2: Update colored flag designs

colored flag designs
You can add the QR Code and vanity URL to your existing flag layout, or follow the recommendations in the style guide. The layout is designed to be flexible with areas for your company logo and editable text to accommodate all member utilities. Your printer may have to move some graphic elements around based on your utility company’s brand.

Download Style Guide

Download QR Code
Black EPS file Black PNG file

White EPS file White PNG file

Thanks for doing your part to help prevent damage to underground utility lines.

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