Gardener Gift Ideas

Six Thoughtful Gardener Gift Ideas

Looking for something special to get your favorite gardener? You don’t have to wait for the holidays, a birthday or other occasion…these gardener gift ideas are perfect any time of the year.

1. Garden Tools

Kids may love shiny new toys, but what grown-up doesn’t love some gleaming new garden tools? Ratchet up the fun and make trimming stems, clipping small branches and harvesting fresh fruits and veggies easier with ratchet pruners. They require less force for cutting so they’re ideal for beginners as well as experienced groundskeepers. Other types of garden shears and loppers also make great gifts for gardeners.

2. Organizers

We all know someone who isn’t the most organized. Luckily, there are many gardener gift ideas to help with organization. How about a kit with a filing system and labels to store seed packets? A photo album works, too. A wicker basket, shower tote or vintage milk carrier can be used to hold not only seeds but also gloves, trowels and other small gardening equipment. Free-standing shelving…or if you’re handy built-in shelves…are ideal for decluttering a shed or garage and make it easy to find exactly what you need.

3. Apparel

Fashionistas meet gardenistas. Spiffy apparel is a cute gift for gardeners who want to look stylish when working outdoors. Give a colorful new hat, shirt, vest, gloves, garden belt, or tote. An array of items are available at local garden stores or your favorite online catalog.

4. Outdoor Plants

Cut flowers arrangements are popular for Mother’s Day and more, but why not gift a live plant instead? It lasts longer and will remind the recipient of your kind gesture every time they see it. Some gorgeous outdoor plants that will brighten anyone’s landscape include hydrangea, Jasmine and snapdragons. You might even want to offer to help plant your gift so you and that special someone can spend time together. Just remember to be safe. Always contact JULIE before you dig. It’s crucial that whenever you’re disturbing the ground—especially when planting trees, shrubs, groundcovers, or flowers—you know where utility lines on your property are buried. JULIE is Illinois’ FREE notification service to prevent underground utility damage.

5. Indoor Plants

Indoor plants bring color and fragrance inside the home. After the holidays, amaryllis, poinsettia or Christmas cactus can keep the seasonal spirit going. Rosemary also evokes the holidays, with the added bonus of functionality for use in a variety of recipes. A wide variety of other indoor plants…from bonsai to potted gardenias…lend color and beauty throughout the year. You can order most houseplants online and have them shipped or pick them up at a local garden center.

6. Homemade Goodies

Another gardener gift idea is a homemade recipe. Perhaps you canned or pickled some vegetables from your own garden this year or made salsa, jam or giardiniera. Seal it up in a mason jar (for long shelf life), add ribbon, jute or decorative twine, and share with family and friends. Whenever they take a taste, they’ll think of you.

As long as they come from the heart, any of these gifts for gardeners are sure to be a hit any time of year!

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