Understanding Your JULIE Ticket Life

When submitting a new locate request, you probably already have a clear understanding of the minimum 48-hour advanced notice required before you can begin digging safely. When it comes to JULIE ticket life extensions, however, some confusion begins to occur. Here’s what you need to know.

JULIE locate requests, also referred to as dig tickets, are valid for 28 calendar days including the day the request was submitted. This date will appear on your dig number and excavation must begin within 14 calendar days.

Julie Digging Illinois - Calender

Before processing an extension, the key factor that needs to be considered is, “Has excavation begun prior to the dig by date listed on the ticket?” The answer to this question is specific to each individual JULIE dig ticket and not your project as a whole.

If YES, proceed with requesting an extension.

Your JULIE ticket life will be extended 28 days starting on the date you submit the request.

If NO, you can easily create a new dig number for the same area using RTE.

  • INQUIRE your existing dig number
  • Click NEW on the top taskbar
  • Keep fields and mapping
  • Enter a new begin date
  • Click Get Mbrs
  • Submit

This gives you a new dig number with a fresh dig by date to ensure you’re covered for your excavation. It’s that easy!

For more information, take a look at the Toolbox Talk on JULIE ticket life and your dig number. Or watch this informational video.

Safe Digging Tip: Always contact JULIE before you dig to have utility lines on your job site located for free by our members. Valuable utility lines may be buried just beneath the surface and hitting one could disrupt critical services, cause serious harm to you or your crew, and result in costly repairs and fines.


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